Corporate Deployments’ onboarding process will accelerate your transition and help deliver organizational value faster.
We are looking for distinguished active duty officers and senior enlisted committed to a private sector career change.
About Us

Corporate Deployments introduces a very different approach to junior military officer and senior enlisted evaluation, placement, and transition services.


We understand that this transition to the private sector will offer cultural challenges and functional learning, and most of your new peers will not have experienced both aspects of this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a short list of questions that may be on your mind?

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How will Corporate Deployments prepare me for this transition?

Resume creation, interview training, and specific industry & company research will lay the foundation for a successful job search. Some of this work will be 1:1 with Corporate Deployments team members, and some will include several other JMO’s and Senior Enlisted in small groups facilitated by a Corporate Deployments leader. Some will be virtual, and some will be face to face training. Finally, after you have accepted an offer and started with your new organization, our onboarding program will help you integrate faster and deliver results more quickly than a less structured transition.

How much flexibility do I have to focus a job search on a specific region or city?

If Corporate Deployments agrees to represent you to our clients, your geographical preference will be weighted heavily in our work together. We are not a conference-based hiring process and will deliver a more customized approach for JMO’s  and Senior Enlisted and private sector clients searching for talent.

When is the right time to contact Corporate Deployments if I am considering a transition to the private sector?

More preparation and planning time will improve our outcome together

What is my cost to work with Corporate Deployments?

All costs are paid by the eventual hiring company.

Will Corporate Deployments host hiring conferences?

No. Candidates will be pre-screened and presented based on your position requirements. Initial video interviews will be followed by on site interviews following your company preferences.

Does the military cover any transition costs?

Final move expense from active duty to a new location is covered by the US government